-  S C R E W A T T A C K-

Videos I edit and/or appear in for ScrewAttack! Check them out early with a FIRST membership.

-  M Y  P O D C A S T - 

(after) Thoughts is a weekly discussion podcast where my cohost, Coleman Taylor, and I rewatch movies and compare our first impression with our second. We talk about things we missed and how our feelings may or may not have changed. In our second act we cover a related topic. It’s a blast! … or is it?

-  M Y  C O O K I N G  S H O W  - 

A weekly cooking show from Beth Kazemi's kitchen. For years Beth has cooked filipino food for her family. Now she wants to share those recipes with you.

-  M Y  W R I T I N G  - 

A playlist of videos I have written for the popular top 10 YouTube channel, WatchMojo. For more visit my writing page.