-  S C R E W A T T A C K  -

Episodes of Top 10 & Desk of DEATH BATTLE written by me.

-  P O D C A S T S  - 

(after) Thoughts

A weekly discussion podcast where we rewatch movies and compare our first and second impressions. (Listen) 

Captain's Log

A weekly science fiction podcast, chronicling the voyage and misadventures of a spaceship that survived the destruction of earth. (Listen) 

-  W A T C H M O J O  -

Videos I've written for the popular "Top 10" YouTube channel.

-  S C R E E N W R I T I N G  - 

Spec Scripts

Parks and Recreation  -  "Board Game Night" 

Leslie tricks the Parks Department into coming over to her house for a board game night that the group has been notoriously against for years. Everyone is invited except for Ben, who gets stuck at work when he disagrees with his Sweetum's boss, Jessica Wicks, over which charity to give money to. (Read) 


Please Be Here

A monologue I wrote for my friend Briana, an actor in Austin, TX. It's about the battle between irrational feelings and the real weight they carry on our hearts. (Read)


Two monologues I wrote for a frustrated character named Jesse. He tries desperately to understand the world and people around him and does so with his words. (Read)


Beans of Destiny

A script I worked on with my classmate, Caleb J Ramsey, for our final Narrative Production class in college. It's a story about a nerdy kid and his hopes of sweeping the girl of his dreams off her feet, a journey that turns extraordinary when he discovers the Beans of Destiny. (Read) or (Watch) 

Capital Cine Forum (Now known as Down to Film) 

A Texas Student TV show at The University of Texas at Austin. This was a script I wrote for the host segments of the "short film/how to" program. It aired on local Austin TV in the fall of 2011. (Read)

-  B L O G S  &  M O R E  - 

Writing Tips

A while back a friend of mine requested some advice for a young artist wanting to dive into writing. What started off as a simple reply to an email became a full-on break down of my own beliefs about writing and God and where those worlds collide. (Read)  


Film reviews and ratings. 


My main site for blogging my own thoughts and reblogging the beautiful art of others on the Internet and around the world. Here is a collection of my texts posts: (Read)