The Office 

Here are some random thoughts about one of my favorite shows of all time coming to an end. 

-In 2007, when I discovered The Office with an episode called “The Coup,” this show gave a broken heart something new to love. 

-In 2008, when I was looking for inspiration to fuel a deep desire to create, I looked to The Office to influence my high school “Tv show,” New Life Academy. I’m an RTF major because of it. 

-On it’s best days, The Office beautifully and masterfully balanced heart and comedy. Many shows try it, but no one did it like The Office. They found freshness and sincerity amongst wildly ridiculous and hilarious situations.

-Nothing compares to sitting around a TV watching a show with your friends. And taking that seriously. Friends that would deliberately take off work every Thursday night to watch The Office together. Friends that would schedule classes with that time slot in mind. The Office gave us a show to share together, to gather together, to laugh not alone.*  

-I’m a “Tv guy” because of you. 

I could go on and on. I love this show and the finale was perfect. Everything I could have wanted and more. The characters were so true to themselves. They spoke with such sincerity. It was funny and fitting. It was moving and satisfying. 

TV can bring people together. Not just around a TV set, but people from all over the world. We connect with those characters  relate to them, share with them. We fall in love and route for them for years. It’s comforting, it’s entertaining. It’s educational, it’s unlike anything else. I love it and I love shows that understood all of that. 

Thank you for all the great years, the great laughs, the tears and the unforgettable moments. Farewell, The Office. 

*An old YouTube of our reaction to Jim and Pam’s wedding:


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