Bonus Episode 3: Will Smith's Genie / Thor: Ragnarok / The Last Jedi

We're back with another bonus episode of (after) Thoughts! We're taking a break from rewatching movies and comparing our first and second impressions to talk about (01:05) new developments in the world of movies, (15:45) new movie trailers, (27:00) and upcoming movies. Tune in next week for Alien (1979) in honor of the new alien movie. I can't remember what it's called. Who cares?

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7: Jurassic World / Popcorn Movies

Jurassic World! The second highest grossing movie of 2015. We discuss our first impression of the film then our second impression after seeing it again this week. In our second act (33:18), we discuss the virtues of the "Popcorn Movie." 

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